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Service Before Self Podcast

Mar 4, 2022

Welcome to the first episode of the second season of Service Before Self. Colonel Sam Whitehurst is accompanied by Blake Hogan, CEO of Bunker Labs, to today’s episode. They are talking about the first of the three pillars of work at Dixon Center. These pillars are Work with Purpose, Honor, and Live with Hope.


Blake is diving deep into the meaning of working with purpose. He is talking about some of the opportunities available to transitioning service members, military spouses, and veterans who want to become business owners. He is also addressing some of the challenges such as navigating the process to get some of the capital required to start doing a business, not only financially but also referring to the human capital including the needed connections to start the journey as a successful entrepreneur.


Key Takeaways:

[1:32] Colonel Sam Whitehurst introduces himself and his role at the Dixon Center.

[3:13] The three pillars of work at Dixon Center: Work with Purpose, Honor, and Live with Hope.

[4:17] Colonel Sam talks about the eight dimensions of wellness.

[7:55] Blake shares what Bunker Labs is doing to support veterans entrepreneurs.

[8:58] Blake talks about the importance of networks for veteran entrepreneurs.

[10:06] Blake shares his background and how he became part of Bunker Labs.

[13:09] Bunker Labs has a partnership with We Work.

[15:30] JP Morgan also collaborates with Bunker Labs.

[15:55] Blake talks about the Ambassador Programm.

[17:18] How can you get involved?

[18:48] Sam emphasizes the importance of camaraderie.

[20:31] Why becoming an entrepreneur is so attractive to veterans. 

[23:11] Blake shares the story of a couple of successful veteran families who became entrepreneurs.

[28:33] There are a number of veterans that rely on personal savings for the initial start of their business; Bunker Labs assists veterans on the initial start-up too by connecting people with the right financial institutions.

[33:05] Blake shares his call to action: Become part of the Bunker Labs community.

[35:07] Sam shares his call to action: Reach out and connect with Bunker Labs!


Mentioned in this episode:

Dixon Center: Reaching America

At Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services, we believe our veterans and military families can succeed where they live.

Dixon Center is named after Staff Sergeant Donnie Dixon, who was killed in action on September 29, 2007, in Iraq. Staff Sergeant Dixon was a father, husband, and Soldier who always placed the mission first and the safety of his fellow Soldiers above his own. Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services stands as a testament to his example and leadership.

Dixon Center on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


Learn about the Veterans and their families who started their businesses along with Bunker Labs

Bunker Labs

Check out the products of two successful entrepreneurs:


Tweetables and quotes:

“The three pillars of work at Dixon Center are Work with Purpose, Honor, and Live with Hope.”


“The number one determinant of success for entrepreneurs is around networks.”


“Your financials lead to opportunities or challenges in life.”


“People become entrepreneurs because they want to do something that matters and serves a broader mission.”