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Service Before Self Podcast

Apr 14, 2022

Colonel retired Sam Whitehurst, your host, welcomes Bruce Buckley to the first part of an insightful conversation about Veteran homeless. Bruce is the CEO of Soldier On; he is one of the leading subject matter experts on the challenges impacting homeless veterans. Bruce has been dedicating his career to finding solutions to assist veterans and their families who find themselves in that situation. In today’s episode, Bruce is also sharing the challenges that veterans face in finding affordable housing; he tackles many misconceptions about homelessness and shares the outstanding work that Soldier On does to support male and female veterans and their families.


Key Takeaways:

[5:38] Bruce talks about the history of Soldier On.

[9:04] Bruce talks about how Soldier On operates every day helping veterans to find housing as well as all support services they need.

[9:45] Soldier On provides veterans with transitional and permanent housing, as well as supporting programs.

[11:25] Soldier On goes where the veterans are.

[13:34] Who are the homeless veterans? Bruce describes how his perspective on the homeless changed over time.

[15:30] Bruce discusses the preconceived notion of homelessness.

[16:49] Bruce shares the crucial need for a network.

[18:14] Bruce speaks about the role that finding permanent housing and providing supportive programs plays in helping homeless veterans.

[22:48] What are the services Soldier On provides to women veterans?

[27:31] Soldier On opened 38 full units for female veterans.

[30:55] Colonel Sam closes the first part of an amazing conversation with Bruce Buckley.


Mentioned in this episode:

Dixon Center: Reaching America

At Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services, we believe our veterans and military families can succeed where they live.

Dixon Center is named after Staff Sergeant Donnie Dixon, who was killed in action on September 29, 2007, in Iraq. Staff Sergeant Dixon was a father, husband, and Soldier who always placed the mission first and the safety of his fellow Soldiers above his own. Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services stands as a testament to his example and leadership.

Dixon Center on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


Tweetables and quotes:

“Soldier On doesn’t have offices, they work where the veterans are.”


“Soldier On gives Veterans what they need to help them get back on their feet.”


“Many homeless veterans can be found in jails as well as being part of what we could call a middle-income family.”


“Homelessness is a result of losing your social network, your support system, and as a result losing your community.”


“We all need a community.”


“Giving a homeless person a key to a permanent house is just not the solution.”