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Service Before Self Podcast

Jun 3, 2022

Colonel retired Sam Whitehurst, your host, welcomes Michael Brown to today’s episode. Michael Brown is the Director of the Office of Veterans and Military Service at Villanova University. Michael shares how Villanova provides opportunities and a path to success to veterans, recognizing the challenges they sometimes face when they pursue a higher education track. Michael also shares what “The Villanova Experience” is about.


Key Takeaways:

[6:12] Why is Villanova such a great fit for members leaving active duty and for veterans?

[9:53] Michael explains why the military experience is a great foundation.

[12:07] Student veterans bring so much to the College Campus, their experiences enrich the community, affecting positively both teachers and students.

[15:04] How is Villanova helping students overcome challenges?

[17:22] Michael speaks about his passion for creating a Villanova Experience for veterans.

[19:52] Villanova works toward re-establishing the sense of community and belonging for veterans.

[21:18] Sam and Michael talk about the School of Nursing at Villanova.

[26:19] Michael shares the most important aspect to focus on in regard to the GI Bill.

[29:16] Michael encourages organizations, institutions, and corporations to do the best they can do to go above and beyond to just saying “Thank you for your service”.


Mentioned in this episode:

Dixon Center: Reaching America

At Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services, we believe our veterans and military families can succeed where they live.

Dixon Center is named after Staff Sergeant Donnie Dixon, who was killed in action on September 29, 2007, in Iraq. Staff Sergeant Dixon was a father, husband, and Soldier who always placed the mission first and the safety of his fellow Soldiers above his own. Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services stands as a testament to his example and leadership.

Dixon Center on Facebook, Twitter, and  Instagram


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Tweetables and quotes:

“Higher education is a great space for transitioning members and veterans to decompress, learn about themselves and their career aspirations while creating a network.”


“Always look for opportunities to continue to build yourself.”


“We should strive to be life-long learners.”